Monday, 31 August 2009

This is for the Tilda Challenge on do-crafts,this week it is hosted by "Fairycakes"Kirsty.....she must like purple,as thats the colour she chose plus flowers,gems and sentiment,I think it turned out quite well considering I practically threw it together this evening,{I can't help myself.....I tend to}but the job got done....thats all that matters......well I hope your all enjoying your evening,not so much the weather,what a storm we had this evening....nice big rumble of thunder too....quite exciting ever you are,enjoy your evening and take care,hugs Janette.x

any one for Anya

Have just entered this one for this weeks challenge,hope you like,I so love this image,well actually I just love Anya....who dosn' I'd do a Christmas one,make a start as it will just creep up and scream BOO at the top of it's lungs and then you just know I'll for dropping by,hugs Janette.x

Friday, 28 August 2009

Hi everyone......Look what I just picked up from my very good pal AuntySue,this lady is a constant source of help and friendship to me,her blog is amazing and I 'insist' go over and pay her a visit,{don't worry,she dosn't bite....not on your first visit any}now,back to my award,it has rules with it.....oh no....
1.Thank person who has nominated you.
2.Copy the Logo and put on your blog.
3.Link your blog back to the person who gave you the award.
4.Tell everyone 7 things about yourself.{oh dear}
5.Nominate seven bloggers.
6.Leave comments on all seven blogs.
OK THEN....I will have to think about this for a few minutes or many fab will add my list later,in the mean time,here are seven things about me.
1.I am a very proud mum to three grown up children.
2.I have three Grandchildren whom I adore.
3.I love the do-crafts forum because of all the friends it has brought to me.
4.I love living where I am,although a Lotto win could change
5.I have been married twice.....omg...and proudly got through the mess without to much bitterness.
6.I love nothing more than to craft,day and night if poss....
7.I love the beach....nothing nicer winter or summer,my fav place.

Well,thats about it,will be back when I can with the names I will be passing this fab award onto,thanks for stopping by,hugs Janette.x

Okay,finally got my seven names,sorry if anyone is missed out,so many fab bloggers it's hard to choose.
4.Sue akabettyboop
WOW,that seemed hard work,now all I have to do is go and let them this the longest post ever or not........xx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Good morning my you like my new look fed up with the old one for a while and this morning decided to do something about it....well this is the one I chose...mmmm....not sure,I suppose it will do for now....hope your all having a nice week-end,am off to do some bits and bobs and hopefully some I shall lock my door and pretend I'm out....pmsl.....bye for now,hugs Janette.x

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Afternoon all,made this one for the Tilda challenge"Seasons"on the DC forum this week it is 'Judie's' turn and she asked us to choose any season,and add...ribbons,sparkle,brads and a sentiment,which I think I've covered....and here is my finished result,sorry that the pic; is not that brilliant and I think it looks abit screw-wiff....but you can get the general your all having some of this lovely sunshine today,make the most of it girls,tomorrow is another day as they I must dash as am in the middle of another card and also have to prepar myself for minding my Grandchildren this evening.....more crafting me thinks...they love it.....lucky for me,have a fab week-end,hugs Janette.x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hello everyone,hope you've all been enjoying your day....just wanted to share this little card I made last night for someone who has been ill with.....yes...swine flu...PLEASE do not take offence at this one,I would never make fun of something so serious and don't want to cause any upset by this,just my sense of humour and the recipient of the card will love it I know..and will be cheered no end by it,so I hope no offence has been caused,enjoy the rest of your day,hugs Janette.xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Just a little challenge card today,it's the Tilda challenge from do-crafts forum,Incy{Kay}is running this weeks challenge and the theme was 'this is me'......well the only image I could come up with was this one,as I do love my garden and the flowers....however if I could have a found an image of Tilda in a sheer panic,over would have been more realistic.....not to worry,she does look a bit bewildered so that will also you are all enjoying the week-end weather....are'nt we lucky,make the best of it while it lasts,have a fab day,hugs Janette.x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Two calendar pages for july and august for the swap we do on Do-crafts forum,just love these images from my good friend aunty sue,the background paper on the july page is also from Sue,she spoils me coloured using my old favs;Derwent pencils,and the wallet which they will travel in is also one of Sue's images and papers....I told you she spoils me....where would we be without good I'm off to make something for another swap,but this time the goodies are from Shree.....who surprised me yesterday with a fab wallet full of images and yummy did she know I was getting desperate for for dropping by and take care,hugs Janette.x

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