Tuesday 21 May 2024

Three posts in a row, amazing or what !!!


Here again, your going to get fed up with me but I am on a roll right now and all I can think of its the sunshine, its given me a new lease of life  ( thankfully )

Here is the tag I made with the left over strips from yesterdays  pages, I cut some white card into a tag shape, rubbed some ink on, added the strips of paper and found some little strips from another time, punched out a circle from some black card that I had gold foiled at some point and added a TH sentiment medal which I rubbed with gold paste.

Also added some film strip and cut up some sentiment strips from one of Tims books.
I kind of like doing these, I think I splashed about abit too but honestly not certain, haha.


Thats it once again, I have to try and make a pretty tag for Mia' upcoming birthday, got ideas in my head but you know how that can go. Fingers crossed I will see you all soon. 

Monday 20 May 2024

Back again...


Good morning, yes surprise surprise I am here again, two days on the run, who knew I could be so productive, hahaha.

I created a page in my little book yesterday with torn paper, inks, a butterfly I mounted on some card and some stamping, a bit of a splash about with ink and a TH sentiment sticker, done.

But then I had a blank page facing it and I did not like that one bit, so I did this instead, almost the same but not.

The writing on the heart is from a roll of washi tape I bought recently, its a clear, sticky back and has so many nice sentiments on.

Thats better, more balanced....

Just one more to show off this beautiful butterfly.

I still have one more thing in the works using the left over torn up bits of paper, making a tag out of that though so watch this space, as they say.

Thanks so much for any comments, I love to read them and call on you.

Have a lovely day.

Sunday 19 May 2024

Happy Sunday.


Good morning. Well, the sun is shining and I am up and ready for anything...hahaha...well almost.

I had a play yesterday and ended up with this tag, I think I love it but see what you think shall we...

This paper is the prettiest, well I think it is,  it comes in small sheets like book pages, I bought from Temu and its just gorgeous. I added the butterfly and the TH thingy which I think suits it.

This is the back, I made a little pocket and added a small envelope with matching paper, but you could put money in there too. I added some gold cream around the edges too. I think I like the back more now I look at it, but whats done is done :))

Side view, why not !!

Thats it again from me, I may make something else today or maybe continue with a new book I just started, its so good.  Another Mans Treasure, by S.W.Hubbard. maybe you have read it but I am so enjoying the many twists and turns...

Enough from me, have a lovely day, I hope the sun is shining for you too, enjoy.

Friday 17 May 2024



Mia has been making things for her housemates, this is the last year together so they all decided to create gifts for each other. She has been so lucky to have been put with this group of young people, I really hope they all manage to keep in touch.

Anyway, after lots of 'what shall we do Nan', ( yes I got roped in obviously, haha ) she decided on pin boards, made from wood circles, padded with foamboard, decorated with lots of photo's from the last three years together and a map of  the area they lived in, lots of lovely bits and bobs and then we roped around the whole thing and added a loop for hanging, it was all really personal to each one but,  I have no photo' to show !!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she has gone back for the last couple of weeks to spend together, I can't believe I was such a dud...Anyways, I did get a picture of the envelopes we made to put extra pictures in, nothing special really, the DP was from an old-ish pad, added a TH die for the front and a negative strip, also TH and  thats it.

So sorry for long story, anyway, she is back home for good....I month just in time for her 21st birthday, can't believe it at all..

Thats all folks, really sorry again about the long story for a couple of envelopes haha.

Have a great weekend, hope the sun shines wherever you are.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Its 'that' Butterfly again...


Sorry about this but I can't help myself, this sweet image on these serviettes has me hooked, but this will be the last for awhile, don't want to alienate you :))

This time its a card.

Added it to some smooth card, added some embossed lines around the sides and the birthday sentiment, which came from Temu. The dp is also from Temu, its a small pack and the designs are just so pretty.

Thats it, easy as pie, and I love it, heaven only knows what I will do with the rest, I have some more to use up yet, but as long as I am enjoying myself who cares, it keeps me busy on my worse days


Anyone else notice after our little fun days in the sun its pouring again, you know what though, every year when my Peonies come out this happens, beautiful big red blooms hanging there gorgeous heads, so sad..

Oh well, not to worry, worse things at sea, as my father always said, he was a Navy man and most of his sayings were sea related. Hahaha.

Thankyou so much for all the comments.

Saturday 11 May 2024

Serviette playing again...


More serviette creations, here is just one. I added this one to the book I made recently, thought it would make a nice starter. I just love this butterfly design, its so pretty, so I tore away as you do, mod-podged away, added some gold foil and a TH sentiment badge....I call them badges because thats what they remind me of, no idea what else to say really :)) just put a touch of gold around the edges.

Another picture just because !!!!!

I do just love these tissues, well serviettes but I am getting tired of long words :))
Thats it for now, I am trying to get more done but have to just take one day at a time.
I hope you are all well and enjoying this little heat wave we are having, its so lovely, alas we are in the yellow warning area for thunder at some point over the weekend, but as long as the sun shines again thats ok by me.
Have any of you managed to see the Northern lights in your area, apparently we can all get a glimpse if we are lucky enough, so tonight I am waiting up, got to see this natural beauty.
Thanks so much for any comments, traffic is very slow for me now, probably because I don't post much anymore, but I am still around.
Have a lovely day friends.

Monday 29 April 2024

Christmas card....oh noooo....


Quick card, I bought lots of serviettes recently, can't resist a pretty image. This card is made using one of them, hence, all know I do not do Christmas cards till the very last moment, but this snowman is so cute...

Not the best photo, the light was abit off, to much sunshine would you believe, haha.

Just wet the edges of the image, torn it up abit, put some script stamps around and added the die and ribbon, layered up on black polkadot card and done. I am liking this easy way, no colouring ( which I used to love so much )

So thats it. I am trying to just do bits of things each day while I am back to 'normal'. 

Thankyou so much for being here and for any comments you may leave.

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Three posts in a row, amazing or what !!!

  Here again, your going to get fed up with me but I am on a roll right now and all I can think of its the sunshine, its given me a new leas...