Monday 27 November 2023

New card.


You would never believe how long I sat staring at this trying to make it look the same as in my head, never happened so this is what I have. I first saw something abit like this....well not really but it gave me a nudge....on FB...anyhow, I started out well and I lost it, from there it was all guess work and I hope it looks OK...I think the gold saved it, but honestly my mojo is on the slide.

Just added some ink, roughly, cut the strip with a die, added some die cut leaves and then splashed gold around, layered onto gold card before adding to the actual card...even my explanations are getting worse....SORRY.... :)) oh and added some string for the bow...phew.

Side on.

Thats it, I am all over the place today heaven knows why..

On Wednesday I am being taken out with Mia and her brother Lucas, he is our driver, never been with him since he passed so should be fun, although he is a sensible young man honestly, still, the terror could set in at any moment, hahaha..

Hope your day went well, thanks so much for any comments you may leave, I will return the favour.

Footnote; Yesterdays post was the gnomes with the wobble, well I did take a little video of the wobble but can not get it loaded up, I have no idea why but thats why it never showed up, so sorry will keep trying. xxxx

Sunday 26 November 2023

A couple more tags...


Hello lovelies, just made a couple more of these super quick tags, still more to make yet but wanted the little ones out of the way. They love Gnomes, so what could be better, these are both placed on a wobble thingy, I can almost hear the boys laughing now.

These little guys are so cute, you get six to a pack and they are saving me alot of time so far. I do have some special tags to make which will take more creative time, but for now, these are OK.  The wood effect background on one is a stamp I have, the other is just splashed with gold paint. The little Merry Christmas tag at the top are from a pack I bought last year, I still have around 100 left, they were such a huge bargain.

Thats all again, I hope your enjoying a nice day, its very cold here and we have had a real good frost, I love to look out and see the fields covered in the crispy white stuff, all glistening, its wonderful so long as I don't have to walk to work anymore like I once did :))

Thankyou for being so kind and leaving me a comment, really appreciate it.

I have to go now, Sunday dinner is calling, yumyum, it smells so good. 

Stay warm. 

Sunday 19 November 2023

Christmas Tag time....


Good morning, hope your all enjoying a nice easy Sunday . I am just having a lovely bacon butty and a mug of tea, its my once a week treat and its so good, especially on a cold and dreary morning....


So, yesterday I thought I would make a couple more tags for the boys bags, the images are all ready to use, got a whole set from Temu,  just got some silver card, sent it through the big shot using two different folders.

Added some silver thread and a little Christmas die cut, on the back I added some white card, they needed to be a bit more sturdy than they were.

Another pic just so you don't forget what they look like :))

That's it, all done. I have another set of images, they are Gnomes and are so cute, so they are also getting a little update today, or maybe tomorrow, who knows.

Ok, thanks so much for coming by, I can't tell you how much it means to get your comments, speaking of which, do you get far more traffic just driving through and not stopping to say 'Hi'....Its insane isn't it, it takes two minutes so come on tell us what you think....weird.. Oh well, thats all from me, already gone on too much...see you soon....

Friday 17 November 2023

Happy Friday.


I bought this die and rushed to make a card, as you do. It started so well, I used some mop up paper to back the cut out and that looked fine, added a sentiment and found some gorgeous DP a friend gave me, and that was also fine....but then, I noticed a ink smudge, tiny but it kept looking at me, so a big idea popped up, splash it, so I did and I don't like it half as much, anyways here it is, I did take a pic; before it got the splash treatment because I wanted to show that paper, gorgeous or what, had it ages and wouldn't use, but there you go.....

Now one much better ouch !!!!!!

I can't look, I like it too much :))

Thats it then, I tried to 'tart' it up but I can't  wipe away my disappointment, will just have to try again...not to worry, worse things at Sea as my wonderful dad always told me.....I obviously listened to him he was a Navy man after all....:))

Hope you have a lovely weekend, its just stopped raining here, the sun has actually come out to play but its abit parky so I am staying put.

Thankyou so much for being here and any comments you may leave.

Saturday 11 November 2023

Quick Christmas card.


Hi everyone, I hope your all well.

I saw this image as a freebie in Jansdigistamps and thought it would make a nice little card, I did buy another while I was there, how can you not...... so I coloured it up with PM pens, added some glitter, mounted onto silver card, added this lovely die cut Christmas sentiment and bob's your uncle, quick and easy-ish and done, another one for the easy to post box...

Sadly the glittery bits aren't really showing and it was really shimmering when I took the photo yesterday as the sun was gleaming through my room, it was glorious.

Now, Mia has been home for her 'Readers' week, she decided to make a start on her gifts for the friends she lives with at Uni, they are a lovely lot and have been together since they all got put together from day one, after they had to leave the Campus they found a lovely rental together and are firm friends, five girls and one lovely lad, how nice is that...anyway, they decided to make at least one gift each this year, she got two small canvas's, one is from some film they watch about gay pirates, the other is a dog her friend loves and calls it sizzles, she found the images and mod-podged them on, sealed them and added sentiment, its from the film  !!!!!!!!  I am still baffled, but hey, she was really happy and laughing about it so it must be just right for one of the girls, haha.

Thats it once again folks, I have to confess, you know the 'thing' I was working on, its still sat there staring at me and wondering what its going to be, I have no idea, the penny may drop at some point, but for now, I got nothing :))

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and the lovely bits of sunshine, its so good isn't it.

Thanks so much for the visit.

Take care.

Friday 3 November 2023

Quick-ish post...


Just a quick-ish kinda  post today to let you know I am still around. I can hardly believe we are in November, yesterday I finally got my Covid booster and ended up going shopping with Carla and Mia, I got alot of stocking fillers for the little ones, must admit the stores look wonderful already and its very tempting isn't it, but I have to remind myself how much 'stuff' is actually in the loft waiting for the clock...haha So, with that I have a blanket I made, not been doing much at all.

Quite plain really but I love these colours together, I kept the stitch plain and it came together quickly, its for a friend who needs to keep her legs warm.

Thats it  really, I have got something else in the pipeline, but, honestly its dragging its feet a little, here is a clue.

This is me bonding two pieces together, the modge podge spilled, not a good start, anyway, its now well and truly stuck and has a nice design on the front, but, as of yet I have got no further, maybe over the weekend if I get time..hahaha

Thats it folks, I hope you are all well. I think its that time of year when so many of us start to feel abit rough, my health isn't great most of the time but just lately it took  a dip, I am on the 'up' again I think.

Take care, enjoy your weekend and thankyou so much for your time. 

Friday 20 October 2023



Morning lovely people, I hope wherever you are in the UK right now your safe from this awful crazy storm. I just read many people have been evacuated overnight from there homes, its rough out there, stay safe.


I have a couple of things today, after a week in turmoil over one thing and another, I had to just get into do some crafting, this is what I came up with.

I stencilled a sunflower, which doesn't look very sunny here I admit.......

I just fancied black and white, added some cotton tie and deckle edges and more or less done, apart from the inside.

Did my usual full on stencil in the centre.

Not put any sentiment on it yet, just because...

Next up was this tag, I had been playing with some stamping and I cut it into a double sided shape, added some gold ink, which really shines, a few splashes some gold thread and stuck a tenner in as I could not be bothered to go look for more cash, it was simply to show the pocket.

The little sentiment is from a set I have in a drawer, no idea where I got.

This is the back with another little tag to write on.

Thats about it, I think. I have to get searching for a new washer, mine has finally given up the ghost, I actually had to pay £106 to be told that...although in all fairness to Bosch they give you £50 back off a new one, but honestly, ontop of everything else I could have really done without the expense, I need a roofer and an electrician and its all getting me down, but thats life I suppose.

Ok, after that depressing little rant I shall go and see what I can find today and how soon I can get it fitted.
Stay safe and enjoy the weekend. xx

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