Wednesday, 20 September 2023

I got a prize.....


I almost forgot to post this little cutie. The other week on FB, my lovely friend Pinky, did a draw as she always does and I was so lucky to win this Stampin up set, I know a whole set. It got here and I started to play, it makes such sweet tags, here is one.

Cut a piece of card with a deckle edge, inked and splashed abit, stamped the sweet image and coloured with soft pencils and that was great to have a set that makes anything up so fast...


Next one is a tag I made for a BBQ I went to at Carla's a few weeks ago, you know when we got some sunshine, anyways, this was on the little gift I took with me for her.

 I stencilled the background to look like gingham, then used some odd bits of coloured card which had been inked for another project, for the pockets and gloves. The rest was cut from silver cardstock and some baby ribbon for the ties.


That's all again, hope the wind and rain aren't to bad for you, its non-stop at the moment, honestly  its so depressing and the high winds just bash the house, mainly because we live open aspect front and back so we get battered.. Such is life, haha. Stay safe.

Monday, 18 September 2023

Quick card..


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and happy.

Its been pouring here all night long and still 'at it' on and off, welcome Autumn....

I made this card for the 'box', I saw a similar one on Pinterest and loved what they had done, the verse is so beautiful, so here it is.

As you can see it very plain, I used some dp from a book I had a while, printed the verse then stencilled the feathers with gold Inktense ink and splashed it around, layered  onto gold card and there you have it.

Inside, not added anything else yet.
I have made one more colourful but decided to add to my journal book, maybe I will add here sometime if I feel brave enough :))
Enjoy the rest of your day / evening. Thankyou so much for any comments you leave. xxxx

Sunday, 10 September 2023

Thundery Sunday afternoon....


Happy Sunday, don't mind the rain today and the thunder storm right now, it might just clear the air...fingers crossed because its so heavy isn't it....


So, I saw this gorgeous Mo image and had to have it as you do, you can find it HERE , I regret making Mrs Claus' dress blue, it looks ok but that's all.  But the little elves, so cute or what....!!

See what I mean, anyways, coloured with PM pens, inked the brickwork bits at the back and used stamps from a set I bought a couple of years ago from CraftStash. The silver foil card behind the image is from a Works pack.

Side view, quite simple as per...


That is all again, I am off to play with something, its all in my head and when I've done I will let you know if that is exactly where it should have stayed, haha..

Oh look the sun is coming out again, thankfully it rained so hard I won't have to water the plants tonight, they are just so big and colourful, do love it all...

Have a lovely day or evening wherever you may be. Thanks so much for once again putting up with me :))

Friday, 8 September 2023

Happy Friday...


Hi and welcome to my blog, I hope all is well wherever you may be.

I saw this wonderful Santa image from Jan's digi Stamps and I had to go grab it, you will find it here, he is called Peppermint Santa, don't you just love him...

I printed him out quite large and the card measures 19 x 17 cms.

To get over the problem of my ink smudging, I not only pegged out the prints that day in the hot sunshine but them rubbed talc over them, fingers crossed it worked, maybe I can start to colour again.

Coloured with PM pens, some glitter on his fur trim, I used hammered cardstock from the PM and then some nice silver card, the top card was cut on the deckled edger. The Christmas die is new.

Inside I die cut that cute little elf in silver, not added a sentiment yet.

That's it guys. I hope you like him as much as I do, lovely new take on Santa painting like this, I love it.

Have a lovely weekend, thanks so much for being here.

Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Quick-ish card.


Hello lovely people, are we all enjoying the sunshine, you bet your life we are :))

OK, I made this because I bought this stencil last year, its one of those that actually stick to whatever your creating and they are my favourite kind. I used some cardstock from the Paper Mill and just lightly, inked it over with some of Th distress ink. Then  did similar inside and added another stencil, actually a TH one too. 

Aded a simple sentiment in a darker blue....not sure that worked as well as black but hey ho.....

Bad angle, this is inside and a peep at the envelope.

So, it was all done and sat drying in the sunshine when who should walk in but Mia, "Nan, do you have a card I can use"  honestly  you have to laugh, told her where to look but she spotted this and said thats fine.....FINE !!!!!!!! hahaha, so off it went into the wild blue yonder and I am still left with drawers of cards that will possibly have to be donated....

Thats all for today, I couldn't get into blogland yesterday as I had a problem with everything, so will catch up with you all today.

In the meantime, take care and enjoy the weather, heaven knows we waited long enough for it and it arrived just in time for the kids to go back to school, rotten luck.

Thanks so so much for any comments you leave, it means blogland can keep going...

Thursday, 31 August 2023

More cards...I know I know all in one week.....


Good morning all, it must be the sun or something but I have a new found energy and have been having a play around.

This is a Temu die, its really pretty I think, so I have been using it as a stencil as well. I actually stencilled first then added the die cut, and some lovely gold brilliance ink, it shines like mad, rounded the corners for a change, inside I just used the die to stencil on the edges and stamped a little sentiment.

I also made a bookmark to go with this card as a littler gift for a friend.

Then I made a couple of small note cards with just the stencil panel on the front

Some off cuts of lemon cardstock, and a nice 'Hello' stamped on the front, I did the inside by lying them together like so

and here is one with the sentiment set I used

Enough from me again. Hope you like what I have done here. Off to hang out my washing as its just past 9am so times a wasting :))

Hope you have a lovely day, I am off to play later with another delivery from 'you know where'. hahaha. alot better now I have new glasses, they cost a fortune but thats the way things are I suppose...

Thanks for being here.

Tuesday, 29 August 2023

Come see what you think.


A card or two I whipped up, one is great for posting because its so light, the other was a try out for my ink problems and if you look close you can see it still smudged abit.

First up is this one

Made from one sheet of DP, just added the sentiment die and done, its not 'knock your socks off' stuff, but like I say its great for the post, which is sky high.

Same again but do you like my little figure reading, I love it, bought two, one for myself and one for Mia, of course, has her own library now, so far got over 500 books, and read them all, she just loves reading. 

Next up, shame on me for showing, sadly a Mo image

Stencilled background, some handmade paper with torn edge and see those little lights, my friend Chris sent them to me last year because I couldn't find, so cute...poor face with smudged inks, I have tried to cover it but I think its bad....

And this little ditty, a tag I made from a die from Temu, just a quick play for this one.

Obviously quick 'snap', but he/she is so cute I think, a few splashes and a ribbon complete with bells, done, well at least I like it. haha.

Thats all folks, thankyou for sticking out to the end of this post which got abit long...sorry...

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I got a prize.....

  I almost forgot to post this little cutie. The other week on FB, my lovely friend Pinky, did a draw as she always does and I was so lucky...