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Quick update.

 Thankyou everyone for your kind wishes, cards and messages, I feel so lucky to know you. I am feeling so much better than I did, fingers crossed the worse is over, just get tired so fast and can't walk far yet but thats got to stop, haha. I will try and get something to put on my blog asap, and I am trying to keep up with comments, I really don't want to miss more than I have. Thanks again lovely friends, can't believe you took time out of a busy day to leave a message for me, take care.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sorry will be around less for awhile.

 Well after all the isolating and taking such great care it finally got me, I am Covid positive, feeling very very poorly and abit mad about it to be honest. The icing on this awful cake is my back has gone out with all the coughing, so yes, I am in a mess. I hope to try and keep in touch as much as I can, just wanted you ladies to know it may be abit sparse for a few days.....I hope....... its been about a week now so will see where this all goes, because of my health problems already, its abit scary, but fingers crossed, this tough ole' bird will be ok....Love to you all.xxxxx


  Just wanted to put this up tonight, I am avoiding the obvious but oh well.... You heard me talk about Helens craft shop , well I bought a few things again and this is one of them. It started life like this Wanted to make it into a little note board of sorts.   Taped off the top and painted it with gunmetal acrylic, then used some metal tape, added the TH clip which I had to glue and screw in, its tough I can tell you, the spoon was in my stash forever and the little chippie recipe is also from Helens, they also got a paint job. You can find all her fabulous stash HERE I put the stripe paper there just because I am still waiting on the pads I ordered, not from Helens, she's quicker than that.   I filled to bowl of the spoon with clear gloss and a touch of glitter, looks like sugar to me:) Thats about all, I can here the match, our boys have already scored but its too much for me, I vividly remember 1966, and I can't stand the strain poor youngest son, who btw h

I know !!!!! another Orange card haha....

  In my defence, I just love playing with this new stencil I bought from ebay,  I now have my fabric paints and have already had ago, its looking good, just needs a tweak here and there. This is just done with inks again and I have sent it off to a friend.  The DP is stash and the hello die is from Dynamics. Simples. Thats it again, hope you are all keeping well. A close family member has just tested positive and although doing fine, its worrying for all concerned, not everyone has been vaccinated yet, so fingers crossed, I am doing alot of praying I can tell you. Take care lovely friends.

New to me craft shop.

  Just wanted to let you know, in my search for the right kind of fabric paint I was looking for I stumbled into this lovely little online craft shop, HandmadeatHelens, it turned out her prices were so much lower than all the other places I usually shop, the link is here for you, I do hope you will have alook, right now she has a sweet offer on too, but she is so nice to deal with, the prices are so good and the postage is really brilliant,  my order came quickly and so well packaged, I mean that alone is a bonus. I have no affilation with Helen or her shop, just a very happy customer. Have a lovely day everyone.

Bored of the too....

  So sick of it already so a new card, bought this stencil from ebay and it arrived double quick, so tonight had a play, I used inks but the reason I bought this one is to use on fabric and I am waiting on the fabric paint, I am so chuffed with the result and can't wait to do whats in my head.....I know, it can go pear shaped but I'm hoping for Oranges...:} The actual stencil is two of these oranges and leaves falling and its so pretty, but for a quick card i did the one, a stamped sentiment from an old set and some gingham vellum from the box. ******************* Off topic, here is a photo of my granddauther Mia's cat, Luna, she is the sweetest and firmly believes she owns all the houses on the road, everyone, including the dogs, just let her roam around, this was yesterday as I waited for my shopping to come, she seems to know and just plops herself on the bags..:}   Thats it again ladies, see you soon.  

Hello on this scorcher of a day....

  Hello lovely people, hope your enjoying this heat after all the ups and downs of last week. I just nipped in from my back garden to grab more cool water and post this while I remember. I thought I would do another serviette heart, I bought these again from Asda, cut out a piece of grey mountboard from Dovecraft thats been waiting along time, took the backing off the tissue and got to work with modge podge, cut out a few of the Bee's from the pattern  and backed them with white card, and cut out, added the little woodern hive and  when it was all dried I just arranged them doing there 'thing' and edged it with a touch of black ink, I tried to do some free hand wording, it was going so well but in my rush.....why !!!!!!!!....I decided to seal is with clear gloss, look close it wasn't a good look, oh well, you live and learn..:}  Also added some black leather cord I have in stash. This is the back which is pretty much the same as the front was, I do love these serviettes