Tuesday, 15 June 2010

An award for all my blogging friends....

Have just recieved this award from three people,AuntySue and Katina....and the lovely Dianne now I have to pass it on to seven people,but because I think your all so wonderful,please feel free to take it if you are a follower of my blog,that way we all win.....ok,the rules are I have to tell you 6 fibs and 1 truth about myself....here goes

I am a size 10
I live on a new build farm with 22acres
I drive a BMW
I have a house in Burmuda
My husband looks like Sawyer from Lost..
I speak fluent French
I have been married twice.

Now play along ladies and take a guess....lol......you may be surprised at the answer....not you AuntySue...you know everything...lol....xx



Hi Janette
There is something on my blog for you,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Katina said...

Hi Janette,
I'm going to go with being married twice, only because I have! xx

Janette said...

Katina your so right,maybe I was abit over the top with my wishful thinking...lol...xx

Jackie said...

You were right on mine Janette, I wear glasses :o)
I had picked the married twice (I Have been too) but I see you've already answered it :o)
Jackie xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Janette I am glad you also have the award, and I thought is was that you had been married twice before I read the comments Margaret xx

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