Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Award from Sylvia's blog and from 'Me Aunty Sue'..

Have just got this,love blog awards,makes you realise that someone is actually paying then,apparently,I have to pass this on to five other bloggers,thats not really a problem,I also have alot of questions to will be back later to sort it all out.....and then put the list of names up....Ok,now to the questions..
1 where is your cell phone.Daughters house
2Hair colour Brown
3Mother with the Angels
4Father with my Mam,I hope..
5Fav food Steak
6What did you dream about last night..don't know
7Fav drink Tea
8Dream goal,to win the lotto
9what room are you in..the kitchen
11Fears always having to struggle
12where would you like to live in six
13where were you last night...home
14something your not...disloyal
15Muffin not really
16wish list item...oh far to
17Last thing I did...had my tea
18what are you wearing...old jeans and top
19your fav tv to many to list
20 your pets none now
21your best friend Val
22Your life...tough
23your mood ok
24missing someone...Mam
25something your not
26fav store...don't know
27fav colour pink.
29last cryed..yesterday
30 One place you go to over and over.My last day with Mam
31One person who e-mails regular Auntysue
32 fav place to eat,home now
now to pass this on to five blogs
auntysueDianneNicolaJudiShreeI hope thats right,if I have missed anything out,then sorry,but lets face it....what else did you really expect from


Aunty Sue said...

Hi janette looks like you can add my name to this award as i have now pasted it onto you again . Hugs to you my friend


Hi Janette thankyou so much,
Hugs Dianne xx

coops said...

hiya janette, wow thanks so much.luv coops.xx

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