Tuesday 21 February 2023

Card for my sweet grandson Jacob..


Hello lovely people, its so nice to get something posted again, even though its one card I wish I didn't have to make.

On friday last, Jacob took a tumble from the steps of his bunk beds, he was lucky in away, but anyway, turns out he had broken his arm they said it was a fine break !!!! but the would put a temporary cast on until Monday.....anyways, they al went back and it turned out it was so much worse than they thought, so more x-rays and another cast and surgery this morning..Bless this child, he is so brave and has already been through so much in his little life, as some may remember, but always a smile. Anyway, I told him I would buy him a gift for his 'bravery' and he said oh no Nanna, its fine I don't need anything, so after I had wiped away the tears, I went this morning and made this card and put some money in so he can go to his favourite toy shop {Smiths} and treat himself. 

Mo images of course, all ready to use for badges etc;, they print out perfectly, and Jacob being a boy and having a liking for monsters, haha. I printed the big one out then made the small one bounce on a spring, I love them and no colouring so done and done. I splashed some inks about, used some DP from a Range book and die cut the Hello three time to give it abit of sturdy feel to it.


I must add that I had a little spend at Mo's thanks to a voucher one of my lovely blogging friend sent me, thanks Sue.xx
I am sorry if this post has been too long, I have waffled on abit, hope you like the card and hope Jacob likes it even more..
Thankyou for your visit, please let me know what you think and lets keep supporting blogland..xxxx


crafty-stamper said...

Awww poor Jacob bless him wishing him a speedy recovery-brilliant card and love the fabulous monsters especially the wobble one-I think Smythes is every childs fave shop lol
Carol x

Chrissy said...

Oh, poor little guy, I hope he mends fast and being young he will, and what a great bold colourful fun card Janette, great images and love the idea of the little one being a wobbler. I'm sure he will love it and really appreciate the dollars to spend..pounds, wrong


Chris said...

This is a fabulous card Janette-sure to put a big smile on Jacob's face, it's a lovely design and the little monsters are brilliant. Hope he recovers quickly- children usually do- they're so resilient and little things like a broken arm and a cast don't slow them down for long! I'm sure he'll enjoy his visit to the toy shop too.

Aunty Sue said...

Oh poor jacob hope he is ok. I am sure your card and pennies will help with healing. Sending hugs

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

What a wonderful card for Jacob. I am so sorry to here that he has had to have surgery on his broken arm. I hope he is feeling better and wishing him a speedy recovery.
My Blog As I do Rodos

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Bless his heart, what a nasty fall. He loved this card no doubt and will be thrilled to go and get something he would like will make things better.
Faith x

creationsnz said...

Good on grandma! I bet Jacob loved the monsters and will enjoy picking something out when he's a bit better. CarolG

chrissy xx said...

Nice to see you Janette, even though it wasn't a card you were hoping to make!
I'm sure he will LOVE these little Monsters, money as well....
They really are super cute, FABulous design too.
Trouble when you call in Mo's so many to choose from. I bought three a couple of weeks ago and placed some on a Wish List lol x

aussie aNNie said...

Oh my goodness is this ever so gorgeous, love the combo of those colours. Wishing Jacob a speedy recovery x xx

Curly said...

Poor Jacob he really is so brave, I will bet he will love his monster card from Grandma, I am sure he will forget about the broken arm when he sees this amazing card.
Have a lovely weekend and I hope Jacobs break doesnt bother him too much.
Love and hugs
Bridget xx

Mrs.B said...

A fabulous card Janette and I'm sure little Jacob loved it, especially the monster on the spring. I hope he's feeling a lot better now and looking forward to his trip to the toy shop, bet that cheered him up!
Hugs, Avril xx

pinky said...

Oh no, poor Jacob!! That is just awful and so bad they got it wrong first time round!! Your card for him is perfect and he sounds like a very sweet boy. I hope he recovers quickly and enjoys a trip to Smiths!!

Brenda said...

I do pray Jacob is recovering well. Iʻm sure he will love this wonderful card! What a great design and what a nice surprise inside too!

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